Demand Jobs in Canada

Do you want to migrate to Canada in 2022 or 2023? If you want to settle in Canada, then learning about the most in demand jobs in the country will help you determine if your skills will be relevant or whether you’ll be able to make a decent.

In this article, you’ll find the 25 most in demand jobs in Canada. Continue reading to learn more about them.

25 Most in Demand Jobs in Canada

1. Key Accountant Manager

Key account managers are responsible for consistently maximizing the revenue potential of a company’s most important clients. They typically work with large clients or those who represent strategic business partnerships.

Key account managers are critical to supporting ongoing business success in a competitive, lean mid- and post-pandemic market. Their ability to close deals, form long-term relationships, and provide high-quality sales and customer service enables businesses to retain their most profitable clients even during difficult economic times.

Average Salary: CAD 86,104

NOC Code: 4163

Related Occupations: Clients Relations, Customer Relations

2. Developer

Developers are in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on technological solutions. This is one of the most popular jobs, partly because businesses of all sizes require developers to create app solutions, develop or maintain in-house software, or assist in implementing cloud or other technologies.

One of the lessons learned during COVID-19 lockdowns was that technology could make or break a business. Companies that transitioned smoothly into remote work environments often fared better. In addition, there’s a growing need to rely on data and automation to stay competitive; it’s no surprise that many companies are looking for skilled developers.

Average Salary: CAD 69,305

NOC Code: 2175

Related Occupations: Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

3. Marketing Manager

According to the Canadian government, more than 19,000 marketing, public relations, and advertising manager jobs are expected to be created in Canada by 2028. Growing demand in this sector is due to a variety of factors, including increased competition and the need to be intelligent with marketing expenditure.

Marketing managers assist businesses in navigating the ever-changing landscape of online and offline marketing, which can include traditional methods as well as social media, SEO, SEM, PPC, and website marketing.

Average Salary: CAD 66,050

NOC Code: 0124

Related Occupations: Public Relations Managers, Public Relations Specialists, Purchasing Managers

4. Driver

The term “driver” can refer to a variety of categories and industries. There are delivery, truck, forklift, and long-haul drivers, among others.

Most driving jobs require drivers to have a commercial driver’s license. This is required for many of the larger vehicles used for the job. For example, if you can drive a forklift, you must also be certified—a specific forklift driving certification.

Due to the size of the country, truck drivers are always in high demand in Canada.

Average Salary: CAD 44,836

NOC Code: 7511, 7521, 7542

Related Occupations: Commercial Truck Driver, Transport Truck Driver

5. Customer Service Representative

Many businesses have discovered in recent years that high-quality CSRs are always important—during difficult times, customers need to know they can contact someone willing and able to help them.

Hence, companies are always on the lookout to hire people who enjoy face-to-face customer service or have the communication and problem-solving skills to rock email, chat, or telephone-based customer service.

Average Salary: CAD 63,261

NOC Code: 6551

Related Occupations: Call Centre Agent, Client Relations Associate, Client Services Coordinator

6. Welder

Welders are skilled at working with metal. This does not require a formal degree but is well-paid and in high demand. However, it still requires technique and knowledge, typically acquired through an apprenticeship or trade school.

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Since fewer young people have entered the trades in recent years, they are among the most in-demand jobs. Welders are a skilled worker trade with much higher demand than other trades.

Average Salary: CAD 73,504

NOC Code: 7327

Related Occupation: Welders and Related Machine Operators

7. Electrical Engineer

Candidates for electrical engineer positions must be able to design, analyze, and specify electrical systems. Electrical engineers design and test these systems as well.

Those in this position are expected to maintain these systems and components in order for them to function safely. This position usually necessitates a higher level of education.

Average Salary: CAD 91,832

NOC Code: 2133

Related Occupation: Electrical and Electronics Engineers

8. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers work with both aerospace vehicles and aerospace systems, such as rockets. Their responsibilities include vehicle and system design, research, testing, development, and maintenance. This is a highly sought-after job in Canada, but it also necessitates a higher level of education than some of the other jobs on this list. As a result, aerospace engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs on the list.

Average Salary: CAD 98,347

NOC Code: 2146

Related Occupations: Aeronautical Engineer, Aircraft Engineer, Spacecraft Design Engineer

9. Software Engineer

Software engineering is one of the jobs that has experienced rapid growth in recent years. As a matter of fact, coding jobs have been among the most in-demand in Canada over the last two years. Before this time, it probably would not have made the cut!

When you think of software engineers, you might think of working for a tech company, but this is not always the case. This position can be found in various spaces, as companies of all sizes use computer, mobile, and web applications. To become a software engineer, you must first learn to code and design apps.

Average Salary: CAD 100,563

NOC Code: 2173

Related Occupations: Data Scientist, Software Developers, Cyber Security, Data Analysts

10. Human Resources Manager

Human Resource (or HR) managers are in charge of recruiting and managing employees.

They ensure that the candidates hired have been thoroughly vetted and are of the calibre that the employer seeks. They are usually heavily involved in the interviewing and subsequent hiring process.

Once hired, they also help with onboarding and basic training and are a resource in the event of any workplace issues or concerns. Many people describe this job as “people management.”

Average Salary: CAD 89,003

NOC Code: 0112

Related Occupations: Project Manager, Administrative Assistant

11. Veterinarian

Although many Canadian families have a furry friend—or a not-so-furry pet—the country’s veterinarian population is small. As a result, veterinary jobs have been in high demand for several years.

Vets care for our pets by administering treatments, performing routine checkups, and filling prescriptions. To become a veterinarian, you must first graduate from veterinary school. This school must also be properly approved.

Because this is a provincially regulated occupation, you will need a license once you have earned your degree. While there are many steps to take before you can begin practicing, this is a highly sought-after and well-paid position in Canada.

Average Salary: CAD 95,804

NOC Code: 3114

Related Occupations: Wildlife Specialist, Veterinary Technician, Animal Rescue

12. Recruiter

A recruiter, also known as a recruitment officer, works with businesses or companies to find and refer candidates to fill job openings. This is critical for growing businesses as well as businesses in industries with high turnover rates.

Recruiters must have strong interpersonal skills because they will interact with job seekers and employers daily. To be a recruiter in Canada, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as human resources or human relations. Registering as a professional recruiter is optional but may improve your chances.

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Average Salary: CAD 65,292

NOC Code: 1223

Related Occupation: Head Hunter, Human Resource Professional

13. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors provide financial advice to families or individuals. They assist people in managing their finances and planning for the future. A financial planner who works for a bank may also promote its services and products by offering this type of financial advice.

Of course, candidates for financial planning jobs must be well-versed in business and personal finance. Financial advice is becoming more important in the Canadian economy.

Average Salary: CAD 62,971

NOC Code: 0111, 1114

Related Occupations: Financial Managers, other Financial Officers, Financial Sales Representative

14. Pharmacist

If you are a pharmacist, you have several options. You could, for example, work in a pharmacy, a hospital, or a drugstore.

Pharmacists work with programs that promote well-being and health in their most basic form. You may have seen a pharmacist at your local drugstore while filling a prescription—this is a typical placement and duty of someone working in this type of position. A pharmacist is paid well, but on an hourly basis rather than on a salary.

Average Salary: CAD 89, 314

NOC Code: 3131

Related Occupations: Laboratory Technician, Pharmaceutical Research Technician

15. General Laborer

General laborers work in construction, moving materials and equipment, as well as preparing and cleaning up the job site.

A general laborer can perform demolition, excavation, and compacting, among other construction tasks.

Although these are considered lower-skilled jobs, they are typically hard work and can pay well on average. Because on-site work is usually required, these positions are not amenable (open) to remote work.

Average Salary: CAD 47,678

NOC Code: 7611

Related Occupations: Construction Craft Worker, Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers

16. Industrial Electrician

A trades job, such as an industrial electrician position, is a very lucrative career and in-demand job or position.

Like other trade jobs, an electrician does not require a formal degree, but you will need the necessary on-the-job training.

The salary of an electrician varies depending on the province or territory in which the position is located.

For example, electricians in Ontario and British Columbia have some of the highest pay rates among Canadian electrician positions.

Average Salary: CAD 83,671

NOC Code: 7242

Related Occupations: Electrical Engineer, Electrician

17. Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

A heavy-duty equipment mechanic is responsible for the care and maintenance of their employer’s equipment. They are responsible for repairing, maintaining, and overhauling industrial machinery. This machinery is typically distinguished by its size and connection to or movement by a power unit.

Energy and manufacturing are two industries where a heavy-duty equipment mechanic can find work in Canada.

Average Salary: CAD 82,864

NOC Code: 7312

Related Occupations: Agricultural Equipment Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician

18. Administrative Assistant

This is primarily a support role that is frequently used as a stepping stone into a career field or company.

A formal degree is not usually required for the job of an administrative assistant. Many of these jobs involve clerical work, such as scheduling, communications, or accounting.

The responsibilities of this role can vary depending on the company, with most administrative positions involving a little bit of everything.

Average Salary: CAD 45,927

NOC Code: 1241

Related Occupations: Executive Assistant, Support Desk Specialists

19. Receptionist

A receptionist’s job is similar to an administrative assistant’s, and these responsibilities can sometimes overlap.

A receptionist position is usually an entry-level position, making it ideal for a young person or someone looking to break into a new industry.

Receptionists need customer service and client relationship skills because they are usually the first point of contact for a customer in a company.

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They are also responsible for making a good first impression on everyone entering the establishment.

Average Salary: CAD 31,304

NOC Code: 1414

Related Occupations: Customer Relations, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistants

20. Merchandiser

A retail establishment or shop typically employs a merchandiser. This job involves making decisions about what to buy for a store as well as what inventory to send to which stores if the company has a chain of stores.

Merchandisers also decide where and how products are displayed, such as which products are displayed facing outwards on an endcap. A merchandiser may sometimes work directly in the store, but they are more likely to work on the corporate side.

Despite the high demand for online shopping, this position remains in high demand.

Average Salary: CAD 48,610

NOC Code: 6222

Related Occupations: Retail and Wholesale Buyers, Retail Stores

21. Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for typical management tasks such as people management and delegation. Those working in this field must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas, including budget management and people management. You can also become one by obtaining a Project Management Professional certification.

Average Salary: CAD 91,425

NOC Code: 0211, 0213, 0711,1221

Related Occupations: Business Analyst, Supply Chain, General Manager, Program Manager

22. Business Development Manager

The term “business development manager” can be very broad. Those in this position are responsible for a variety of tasks, including vetting client prospects and assisting the sales team in closing deals.

A business development manager also performs some of the typical managerial duties that come with most manager positions, such as helping to design and implement company strategies.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is usually required.

Average Salary: CAD 84,003

NOC Code: 4163

Related Occupations: Business Development Officers, Marketing Researchers and Consultants

23. Accountant

An accountant plays a vital role within a company and is in high demand because every company relies on and prioritizes financial data.

Accountants have financial knowledge, maintain financial records, and manage budgets, revenue, and expenses. They are also divided into various fields of specialization, such as auditing and taxation.

A variety of job titles are available, including chartered professional accountants, who are in high demand.

Average Salary: CAD 59,100

NOC Code: 0111, 1111

Related Occupations: Operations Manager, Financial Advisor, Chartered Professional Accountant

24. Registered Nurse (RN)

The healthcare system is a critical industry that influences how our country and community operate. The COVID pandemic has demonstrated the need for more nurses.

To work as a registered nurse, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree before registering with the nursing territorial and regulatory authority.

Since good healthcare is a priority in Canada, it’s no surprise that registered nurses are among the most in-demand jobs here.

Average Salary: CAD 77,603

NOC Code: 3012

Related Occupation: Doctor

25. University Professor and Lecturer

Becoming a professor is not always an entry-level position, but this could be a rewarding career path for anyone with teaching experience and subject knowledge.

It is easier to become a lecturer than a professor, though the difference between the two is usually based on a person’s experience and course load.

There are numerous universities in Canada with open positions.

Average Lecturer Salary: CAD 83,584

Average Professor Salary: CAD 100,300

NOC Code: 4011

Related Occupations: College Professor, Teacher

There you have it! Written above are the 25 most in demand jobs in Canada.

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