Are you currently studying in Sweden? Or you want to study in Sweden and you are searching for ways to obtain PR (Permanent Residency) in Sweden. Is that the case for you? If yes, then you are in luck because, in today’s guide, we’ll be looking at how to get PR in Sweden after study.

A lot of international students who visit Sweden to further their education often wish to stay longer and if possible obtain PR while there are at it. However, obtaining a permanent residence in Sweden can be a bit tricky and that’s because the Migration Agency sees the student permits are temporary—this means that in most cases, they do not result in permanent residence.

An international student with Student Permits who are studying and living in Sweden often needs a job or applies for continued studies to continue staying in Sweden before their Student Permits expire.

Student permits do not usually lead to a permanent residence but there’s one exception to this: if you are granted or given a permit for doctoral studies (PhD level), the number of years you spend in Sweden will be counted towards your permanent residence. What this means is that, after acquiring a doctoral student permit for about 4 years, you’ll be able to obtain a permanent residence. The doctoral student permit can be combined with other types of permits such as researcher permits or work permits to obtain permanent residence and meet the 4-year requirement.

A doctoral permit isn’t the only route to obtaining a PR after studies in Sweden. To find out other ways through which you can obtain one, then you should continue reading our “how to get PR in Sweden after study,” blog topic.

What’s a Permanent Residence (PR) permit?

A permanent residence permit is a document that allows anyone to live indefinitely in the country where the permit was given or obtained. In almost all the European (EU) countries, permanent residence can be legally acquired when you live in the country for five to seven years. However, you’d have to update the permanent residence card every five years.

One of the benefits that come with holding a permanent residence permit is that you have the same rights as citizens of the state. This means that you can permanently live, do business, work, and even get to send your child to kindergarten free of charge. The only limitation is, that you won’t be able to hold public offices or participate in elections.

How to get PR in Sweden after study

There are different means or steps to follow if you want to acquire a PR in Sweden after your studies. In this section, we’ll be looking at the various options available for you in order to help you make a more informed decision about which option suits you best.

  • Residence permit for looking for work after studies
  • Work permit
  • EU Blue Card
  • Self-employment permit
  • Permanent residence permit
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Residence Permit for Looking for Work After Studies

Are you currently living and studying in Sweden, and your student permit is about to expire but you have been unable to land a job? If yes! Then you can extend your residence period for as long as 12 months to enable look for and secure a job or start your own business.

However, you should note that if after 12 months, you are unable to get a job or start your own business, the time limit or frame cannot be extended. Also, note that you’ll have to submit your application before your current permit expires.


Before you can qualify for this permit, you’ll have to meet the following conditions:

  • You must have completed a higher education degree or programme that lasted for a minimum of two semesters
  • Your previous permit must have been a residence permit for higher education in Sweden. In addition to this, you can also have had a residence permit for mobility studies issued by another EU country where you completed at least two semesters of the educational programme in Sweden
  • You must be looking forward to being employed or exploring the possibilities of starting your own business
  • You must be able to support or take care of yourself throughout the time you’ll be applying and waiting for the approval of your residence permit
  • You must have or have already applied for a comprehensive healthcare insurance policy that’s valid for healthcare in Sweden

Documents you need to prepare include:

  • Valid passport
  • A certificate from a college or university in Sweden that indicates that you have completed at least two semesters in Sweden
  • Examination certificate and study transcripts
  • Certificate from your supervisor (i.e., if you are a doctoral student in Sweden)
  • Present proof of sufficient funds (must have a minimum of SEK 8,514 per month)
  • Healthcare insurance

If you’d like your family members to be granted residence permits as well, then you must obtain a residence permit after you have completed your studies.

Work Permit

If you are searching for how to get PR in Sweden after study, then obtaining a work visa is a good start. Once you have been able to secure a job offer, what comes next is that your employer will have to initiate your work permit application.

However, the permit must be submitted before your current residence permit expires which could most likely be a residence permit to seek employment or a residence permit for your studies in Sweden.


  • Valid passport
  • You must have already been offered the terms of employment and a salary which is on par with the ones set by the Swedish collective agreements or customary within the industry or occupation
  • You must be offered a minimum salary of SEK 13,000 monthly before taxes
  • Your employer must be ready to provide insurance that covers life, health, employment and pension once you start working
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Your family members can also apply for a residence permit for the same period. If the permit given is for more than 6 months, then your family member can also apply to get a work permit.

EU Blue Card

An EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit that’s given only to highly skilled workers. To qualify for this permit, you must work have five years of professional work experience or work in a certain profession and have a university degree.

Applying for an EU Blue Card requires documents from both the employee and the employer.

Employee Requirements

  • Valid passport
  • A university education that’s equivalent to 180 university credits or five years of relevant professional experience
  • A comprehensive healthcare insurance policy that covers medical and health care in Sweden
  • An employment contract or offer of highly qualified employment lasting for at least a year
  • A salary that’s at least one and a half times bigger than an average salary in Sweden

Employer Requirements

  • Proof that the position was Sweden, the EU/EES, and Switzerland for at least 10 days
  • A complete offer of employment with terms that are on standard to the position being filled or are on par with the Swedish collective agreements

You should note that Sweden has an annual salary threshold that EU Card holders must receive if they must qualify as highly skilled workers. In 2019, the amount was SEK 51,900—it may not be the same amount in 2022 as the amount is subject to change annually.

Your family members can also get a residence permit for the same period as you.

Self-Employment Permit

Another “how to get PR in Sweden after study” method is via obtaining a self-employment permit. The good news is it doesn’t matter whether or not you are a non-EU/EEA national as you’ll be allowed to work for up to three months without a permit. However, after three months, you’ll have to obtain a self-employed visa.

The processing time for the visa could take as long as 10 to 15 months and the permit is valid for two years.


  • Valid passport
  • Previous experience in running your own business and a significant experience in your field
  • Documented and relevant knowledge of English and/or Swedish
  • Proof that you are running the business, that you own at least half of the business, and that you have the ultimate responsibility for it
  • Proof that the business’s goods or services are being produced and/or sold in Sweden
  • Sufficient funds to support you and, if applicable, your family members as well, for the first two years
  • A reliable source of documentation for your budget
  • You must have a network in Sweden and/or established customers contracts
  • Proof that your company follows a two-year probationary period where its finances will be in balance and you’ll be able to support yourself and your family, if applicable. The income support will be calculated according to the Swedish national standard for income support plus housing costs.
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Once you have been granted the self-employed visa, you should now be able to bring your family along with you to Sweden. However, they’ll have to apply for their own visa and the stay or duration will be the same as your self-employed permit.

Permanent Residence Permit

All the methods listed before now could all lead to a permanent residence permit and you’ll soon find out how.

Non-EU nationals who continue living in Sweden for 5 years may be granted permanent resident status. Also, note that your residence permit during your studies does not count for the five-year continuous stay in the country except if your permit is for your doctoral studies or level.


  • You must have lived in Sweden for a period of at least 5 years
  • You have had a residence permit for the past 5 years
  • You have shown proof of being able to support yourself and your family

Are you are wondering how the other steps can lead to you obtaining a Permanent Residence permit in Sweden? If you are, then it’s simple. A permanent residence permit cannot be given if you haven’t lived in Sweden for a minimum of five years; this means with the goal of obtaining a permanent residence permit in mind, you can obtain any of the aforementioned visas to allow you to live in Sweden for a period of five years before you can proceed with applying for one.

You should already know this, but once your application for a permanent residence permit has been approved, you’ll have the same rights as an EU citizen and that comes with a lot of benefits as you can now work, study, or even start your own business in another EU country. Also, your permanent residence permit is valid for as long as you are resident in Sweden and your family members may also receive payments for the same period as you.

There you have it! We have come to the end of this blog post and we hope that you no longer have questions concerning how to get PR in Sweden after study.

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