cheapest Schools in the UK for postgraduate

Aspiring to study in the UK at the Postgraduate level? If yes, then looking out for the cheapest Schools in the Uk for Postgraduate studies should be a major priority. Here in the post, we have come up with a list of 10 cheapest Universities in the UK for Postgraduate as of to day.

The United Kingdom remains one of the top destinations for international students looking for a better education. British education is in high demand with over 495,000+ international students, it’s not surprising given the quality of education they offer. In addition to that, they have a wonderful multicultural environment, reasonable living, and healthcare costs, as well as numerous grants, aid, and scholarships available to students.

Although some UK Universities don’t come cheap, there are many affordable universities with cheap tuition and accommodation fees. So if you want to study in the United Kingdom at the postgraduate level without breaking the bank, then make sure to consider the cheap universities in the UK listed in this article. We’ve done a thorough survey of the universities in the United Kingdom and came up with the 10 cheapest schools in the UK for postgraduate students in this post.

10. Middlesex University – £9,000

Middlesex University located in Benson, northwest London is one of the cheapest universities in the United Kingdom for international postgraduate students. This institution aims at requiring students with skills needed to fast-track their careers after studying. The postgraduate tuition fee can be as low as £8,000. So if you’re looking to get a British degree without breaking the bank, Middlesex is a great option for you.

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9. University of Chester – £9,000

The University of Chester is among the most affordable university in the United Kingdom.  Chester University was originally founded as Chester Diocesan Training College in 1839 and waited until 2005 to gain university status. And after 17 years, it’s now one of the top destinations for international students looking for better education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Today, the university has over 21,570 students from over 130 countries. And all students are automatically qualified and considered for the university’s annual scholarships when applying. This means you could even enjoy a cheaper fee.

8. Royal Veterinary College (RVC) – £8,925

The Royal Veterinary College(RVC) is the perfect institution for those looking further their studies in veterinary science or a similar course at a very low cost. The RVC offers one of the cheapest tuition fees for international students at the postgraduate level. Royal Veterinary College offers a wide range of postgraduate courses which include; One Health (Infectious Diseases), Wild Animal Biology Veterinary Epidemiology, Wild Animal health and Livestock Health, and Production, etc.

7. University of Hull – £7,850

The University of Hull postgraduate tuition fee for international students is one of the cheapest tuition fees you can find in the United Kingdom. The University has numerous postgraduate courses and currently has international students from over 100 countries around the world. The tuition fee for postgraduate level courses can be as low as £7,850. And with Hull city being the former UK city of culture, it has so much to offer to those coming to live and study.

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6. University of Derby – £6,500

The University of Derby located in the city of Derby England is one of the top destinations for international students looking for affordable postgraduate tuition fees.Its history can be traced to the establishment of the Derby Diocesan Institution for the training of Schoolmistresses in 1851. It later gained university status in 1992, and now the university offers over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programs at affordable rates. You can study postgraduate level courses for as low as £6,500.

5. Wrexham Glyndwr University – £6,000

Wrexham Glyndwr University offers affordable master’s and Ph.D. courses to international students at affordable rates. The tuition fee for master’s-level courses like MA Education (Leadership) or MSc Engineering (Aeronautical) is just £6,000. That’s way less than what you can get from other institutions. Wrexham Glyndwr University is located in wales, with three (3) campuses in Wrexham, Northop, and St. Asaph.

4. Teesside University – £5,900

Teesside University is located inMiddlesbrough, North Yorkshire in North England.With the recently developed £275m city-centercampuses, you’re bound to benefit a lot from this university. The University is also planning to invest another £300m in student facilities over the next 10 years. There’s no better time to study at Teesside University than now. There are several postgraduate options available for you to pick from and the standard cost for the master level study is £5,900.

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3. Queen Margaret University – £5,500

Queen Margaret University offers cheap postgraduate courses for those working in the arts, health, and political fields. The institution was founded in 1875, located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was named after Saint Margaret, the wife of King MalcolmIII of Scotland. The institution started as Queen Margaret University College and was later awarded full university status in 2007 becoming Queen Margaret University.

2. Liverpool Hope University – £5,200

This institution offers one of the cheapest and most affordable tuition fees in the United Kingdom. Alongside itscheap tuition fees, Liverpool Hope University offers a variety of exciting postgraduate courses. You can study postgraduate level courses for as low as £5,200.

1. Leeds Trinity University – £4,400

Leeds Trinity University is the most affordable university in the United Kingdom. The institution focuses on the employability of its students and creates the perfect learning environment to ensure productivity. Leeds Trinity University is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

And there you have it! That’s the list of the 10 cheapest schools in the UK for postgraduate students. This means you no longer have to worry about paying exorbitant amounts simply because you want to study in the UK.