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Do you have a passion for medical sciences and wish to further your education in higher institutions? Then you should continue reading to discover the top 10 tuition free medical schools around the world.

Although numerous universities across the world offer medical science, the field of medicine still remains one of the most expensive courses of study.

Having a passion for the study is one thing, but having the financial capacity to fund it is another thing. Statistics from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC),show that most medical graduates end up with huge financial loans just to be able to complete their education. It is due to this reason that several notable medical schools removed all charges associated with medical education.

You’ve probably heard some rumors about countries and medical schools offering free college education and you’re wondering whether it’s true. Well, it’s no rumor, it’s actually a fact. In countries like Germany and Norway’s educational system is basically free. Several medical schools operate on tuition and a cost-free basis. All that’s left is to cater to your living expenses, which is not much.

If you’re in search of such institutions, search no further. In today’s article, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best tuition free medical schools around the world.

Top 10 Tuition free Medical Schools around the World

1. New York University School of Medicine

In the past, studying at New York University has been quite expensive, with every student having to pay up to $250,000 in total.

However, in 2018, the University management announced the commencement of tuition free education for all aspiring Doctors. The school board came to this decision due to the ever-increasing amount of student loan debt.

The student loan statistics showed that most students accrue at least $100,000 in debt. Having such debts can become a great hindrance to your career and future. The tuition-free idea took New York University about 11 years to make a reality and has raised over $450 million since then. The University still hopes to raise another $600 million in support of the tuition-free initiative. As you can imagine, the admission process is highly competitive.

2. Cornell’s Medical School

Another institution that is committed to addressing the crisis of student loan debt is the Cornell Medical School in New York City. The institution offers tuition-free education to medical school students. The following expenses will be covered by the institution; tuition, books, feeding, and accommodation.

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The Cornell Medical School’s tuition free program differs from that of New York University in that it only offers free tuition to students who demonstrate financial need. Eligible students are awarded scholarships as early as their first year.

3. Washington University School of Medicine

The list of medicals in the United States offering tuition free education is constantly growing and the Washington University School of Medicine has joined that list. The wonderful news was made known to the general public by the St. Louis medical school board, announcing that up to half of its future medical students will get tuition free education. While the other half will receive partial financial aid for their education.

Most tuition free institutions rely on donations to effectively run the program. However, the Washington University School of Medicine’s tuition-free program is supported by the department and their linked training hospitals. The tuition funds are awarded to students based on merit, need, or a combination of both.

4. Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM) at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio has been providing tuition-free education to its medical students since 2008. Over 2000 students worldwide compete for the 32 tuition-free spots in the CCLCM every year.

The institution aims to use the tuition free education program to help medical students relieve the financial pressure of pursuing a high-paying specialization rather than academic and research-oriented medicine.

5. The University of Bergen- Norway

The University Of Bergen, Norway is another international university with a world-class health campus located in Arstadvollen and Nygårdsøyden. The health campus is host to the university’s clinics and teaches dentistry, health care, and medicine.

The University of Bergen as a Norwegian public university is an institution with tuition free medical programs. The only fee you are required to pay is the student welfare organization fee which is just over $60. Both local and international students are required to pay the student welfare organization fee.

The university is one of the top attractions for international students. Over 30% of the total student population at the University of Bergen is made of up international students.

The cost of living greatly depends on your lifestyle, but the average cost per month for a student is about $1000. Hence, you’ll need to work with a tight budget to afford such costs every month.

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6. Free University of Berlin

The free University of Berlin offers tuition free programs to all students except for some selected graduate and postgraduate programs. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Human Medicine, and Pharmacy. As you know, the biggest hurdle for most aspiring doctors is the huge financial obligation associated with their course of study. However, the Free University of Berlin helps eradicate that barrier by giving every student both local and international equal opportunities regardless of their background by being a free medical school.

7. Technical University of Munich

Another top-class university that offers tuition free education is the Technical University of Munich. The institution offers programs in the fields of natural sciences, life and medical sciences, and engineering. The institution has also succeeded in creating double degree agreements with over 20 universities and has partnerships with more than 150 universities across the globe.

The current student population in the Technical University of Munich stands is over 38,000 students with 20% of them being international students. The institution has 13 faculties with more than 10,000 staff members and over 400 professors.

The Technical University of Munich offers tuition-free education to students of all nationalities. You are only expected to pay a semester fee of around $127, which also covers your transportation through the Semesterticket. However, you will have to cater for your living expenses in Munich. The cost of living in Munich is around $1,000 per month. And also, during the application process, you will be asked to present proof that you can afford $723 every month during your stay in Munich.

Hence, before you commence the application process, make sure you can meet all the requirements without relying on any scholarship.

8. Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is located in the capital of Austria, Vienna. In 1365, it was part of the University of Vienna’s Faculty of Medicine. After a few years, it was established as an autonomous Medical University.

The university has the largest medical organization in Austria and is considered one of the world’s oldest Medical schools. The University is also linked with one of Europe’s largest hospitals and medical institutions, the Vienna General Hospital.

The Medical University of Vienna is regarded as one of the top 15 medical schools in Europe, and among the top 50 in the world, owing to its strong research and academic capabilities. There are 660 spots in the Medical program open to students every year. The Medical program is divided into 12 semesters, which include an 18-week clerkship, and a 48-week clinical internship. The admission process for extremely hard, and includes passing the Austrian Medical School admission test, MedAT. You must also have proof of German language proficiency and other assessments which are specific to the student.

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The Medical University of Vienna offers a tuition-free education to all students from within the European Union. While a non-EU student will have to pay 800 Euros every year, which is cheap when compared to other Universities and countries.

9. King Saud University’s College of Medicine

King Saud University’s College of Medicine is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Institution offers tuition-free education to both Saudi Arabian and international students, with regular stipends throughout their educational program.

The cost of living in Riyadh is around $456 to $850 per month, which is highly dependent on your choice of lifestyle. Since its inception in 1957, King Saud University’s College of Medicine has always been committed to providing high-quality teaching and research services. It’s no wonder why they are ranked among the best Medical schools in the world.

It is quite easy to gain admission into the University’s program, with the institution having an acceptance rate of about 80% for both local and international students. If you’re looking for a great institution with a tuition-free initiative, you better apply now.

10. Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

Finally, another top institution that offers tuition-free education is Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, located in Pasadena, California. The institution was established in 2020, and according to the University board, the first five (5) graduating groups will receive a tuition-free education throughout their four years in the institution.

There you have it! That’s our list of the top 10 tuition-free medical schools around the world. Money no longer has to be the hindrance; with the above institutions, you can finally pursue your dreams.

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