Do you want to study medicine in the UK but the tuition fees are too expensive for you to afford? Do you wish there was some cheaper university you could go to in the UK and achieve your dreams? If such thoughts bother you then this article was made specifically for you and in today’s guide, we’ll be looking at cheap medical schools in UK for international students.

According to the mirror, the cost of things across the UK has skyrocketed due to inflation. The UK inflation rose by a stunning 5.4% in the year to December. This only means that things will become more expensive to achieve and some of the things that’ll rise in price due to inflation include: Electricity, gas and other fuels, Vehicles, Household appliances, Hospital services and nursing homes, Education, etc.

Asides from the current inflation raising the price of education (by approximately 4.5%) in the UK, Education or bagging a tertiary degree has always remained one of the most expensive things to do in the UK. Due to the incredibly high prices those institutions set for tuition and other school-related fees, many international students are seeking admission into other foreign universities.

As you already know, different fields or disciple in the UK have different tuition fees and the medical field is among one of the most expensive fields to study in the UK. That’s why many people who have dreams of becoming doctors in the UK or who just want a degree from a British university find it difficult to achieve those dreams.

If you are reading this article then the chances are that, you already know how expensive it is to study in the UK and despite that, you still want to determine if it’s possible to study in the UK without spending too much. Well, is it possible? The answer is yes. And in this guide, I’ll be providing you with a list of cheap medical schools in UK for international students.

UK Medical Schools Requirements for International Students

Before thinking of studying medicine in the UK you must be sure you meet the requirements set for international students otherwise even when you find a cheap medical school, you won’t still be able to gain admission.

Here are the requirements for international students who want to study medicine in UK medical schools:

  • Commitment to medicine
  • Letters of good recommendation
  • Good TOEFL language scores
  • Undergraduate academic record (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Minimum MCAT exam result
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List of Top Cheap Medical Schools in UK for International Students

1. University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is a public research university situated in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland—The city of Aberdeen is among the most historical and picturesque regions in the country. The university has a good reputation which is the reason why the number of interested students grows yearly.

The university which was founded in 1945 as King’s College is now one of the most sought after medical institutions by international students. The university was first founded as King’s College by the Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland in order to train doctors.

The MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Chirugery/Surgery) program at the University of Aberdeen lasts for five years.

The fee structure for this five year MBChB program is as follows:

  • International students tuition fees: £46,000 ($49,689) per year
  • Cost of living: £9,000 ($9,722) per year

2. University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham, informally known as Birmingham University is located in the UK, precisely in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The institute received its royal charter in 1900 as a successor to Mason Science College, established in 1875 and Queen’s College, Birmingham established in 1825, making the University of Birmingham, the first English red brick or civic university to receive its own royal charter.

Despite being the fourth-largest university in the UK, the institute still provides its students with top health professionals and a research environment. The university has centres of excellence in Cancer, Pharmacy, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular disease, Immunology, and Neuroscience.

This university also offers a five year MBChB program and the fee structure for this institute is as follows:

  • International students tuition fees (Year 1 and 2): £23,310 ($25,179)
  • (Year 3 – Year 5): £39,960 ($43,164)
  • Cost of living: £9,000 ($9,722)

3. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a red brick Russel Group research university situated in England, precisely in Bristol. The institute of learning’s origin can be traced back to the University College, Bristol founded in 1876 and Merchant Venturers’ school founded in 1595. However, it received its royal charter in 1909.

The university offers its student a cozy environment to learn and practice what has been taught and provides them with state-of-the-art research-based libraries and an extremely competent teaching faculty. The University of Bristol is a member of the European-wide Coimbra Group, Russell Group of research-intensive British universities, and the Worldwide Universities Network. Additionally, the university holds an Erasmus Charter and sends more than 500 students to their partner institutions in Europe yearly.

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Below you’ll find the MBChB fee structure for international students studying at the University of Bristol:

  • International students tuition fees: £36,800 ($39,751) yearly
  • Cost of living: £9,000 ($9,722) yearly.

4. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university located in England, precisely in Manchester. The university has and operates several major cultural assets such as the John Rylands Library, Manchester Museum, the Tabley House Collection, The Whitworth (an art gallery) the Jodrell Bank Observatory (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The University is a product of the 19th-century civic university movement. And as such, it’s being considered a red brick university. Today, the university is currently a member of the N8 Group, Russell Group, and the Worldwide Universities Research Association. The institute has a total of 25 Nobel laureates (among its past and present staff and students), placing them fourth among single universities with the highest number of Nobel laureates in the UK.

The University also offers cheap tuition fees for international students. The university’s MBChB lasts for 5 years. You’ll find the fee structure for this institution below:

  • International student tuition fees (Year 1, and 2): £29,000 ($31,325) yearly
  • (Year 3 – Year 5): £48,000 ($51,849)
  • Cost of living: £10,000 ($10,802)

5. King’s College London

King’s College London, informally known as KCL or King’s is a public research university situated in England, precisely in London. The university was established by royal charter in 1829 under the ruler ship of the Duke of Wellington and King George IV.

King’s College is one of the oldest university-level institutions in the UK. Its the fourth largest endowment of all the universities in the UK, the largest in London, and in the UK, its the 12th largest university in terms of total enrolment. It is the largest European center for postgraduate and undergraduate biomedical research and medical teaching. They are also members of numerous academic organization’s such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Russell Group, and the European University Association.

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The University offers a five year program with the following fee structure:

  • International students tuition fees: £42,840 ($46,275)
  • Cost of living: £9,000 ($9,722)

6. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is a public research university located in Scotland, precisely in Dundee—a city found in the east-central Lowlands of Scotland. The university was founded as a university college together with a donation from the prominent Baxter family of textile manufacturers in 1881 and didn’t obtain a royal charter until 1967 when it finally obtained the royal charter and became an independent university.

Today, the institute welcomes aspiring students from all over the globe to come to study within its walls while offering what’s considered to be among the best quality education in the fields of Medicine, Life Sciences, Education and Social Work, Nursery and Health Sciences, Engineering, Art and Design, Dentistry, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences.

The University offers a five year MBChB program as well and the fee structure for international students is shown below:

  • International students tuition fees: £47,475 ($51,282)
  • Cost of living: £10,000 ($10,802)

7. Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School is a medical school found in Swansea University’s Singleton centres that has additional teaching centers located throughout West and South Wales. The medical school has a large network of General Practice (primary care) teaching centers.

The Swansea University Medical School is one of the fastest-growing medical schools in the UK and was ranked by the Complete University Guide as the 3rd best medical school in the UK. It is one of the two schools in the entire UK that accepts graduates onto its Medicine degrees.

The medical school offers a four year MBChB graduate entry medicine degree together with BSc degrees in Applied Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, and Genetics.

The fee structure for this school’s MBChB program is as follows:

  • International students tuition fees: £39,750 ($42,937)
  • Cost of living: £9,000 ($9,722)

There you have it! This is our list of the top cheap medical schools in UK

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