Nursing is a professional field in the health care sector and its responsibilities include taking care of individuals, families, and communities, to ensure that the persons entrusted in their care attain, recover, or maintain optimal quality of life and health. Nurses are people who are generally concerned about the wellbeing of others and they are paid for it.

Just like every other professional course or field, before you can start working as a nurse you’ll need to be certified by a well-known body, organization, institute. And when it comes to health care or medicine in general, the UK sits at the top amongst other top countries like the US, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Hence, it’s not surprising that you’d want to study nursing in the UK.

However, sometimes you may desire to study one course and you discover that the courses you have done so far don’t meet the requirements needed to study or practice the course. Happens a lot right? Well, for situations like that, the easy fix is to take up some courses that’ll prepare you for the course you want to study. In Nursing, that’s pre-registration nursing.

If you are looking forward to working as a nurse in the UK but you are already a graduate, in this guide, you’ll find the complete lost of schools that offer Pre-registration nursing programs in the UK.

What is the Pre-registration Nursing Program

The pre-registration nursing program is an accelerated postgraduate course that’s made for people who have already graduated, and have an undergraduate degree. When you register and get accepted to undertake this program, you’ll gain the skills and experience that are needed or required to practice as an adult nurse.

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The program lasts for two years and when you graduate, you’ll be able to register as a nurse with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council)—the NMC is a body that’s responsible for protecting the health and well-being of the people and they achieve that by setting up standards for education, conduct, training, and performance to ensure that midwives and nurses deliver nothing short of high-quality healthcare throughout their career.

Nursing in the UK

In the UK, international students who desire to register and also work as nursing professionals are required to complete the ONP (Overseas Nursing Programme) as part of their studies. The ONP permits international students to become registered nurses in the UK, from there, they can proceed to become registered either into the NHS or private sector.

The ONP could be integrated as part of MSc and BSc (Hons) in International Nursing Studies; which means that students will not only be able to gain a postgraduate/undergraduate degree in International Nursing Studies, but they’ll also obtain registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) which will enable them to work in the UK.

Each course is full time and it lasts for a year; during that time, students are given the option to take the ONP which involves about 400 hours of supervised practice placement. During the study, international students studying in UK universities are allowed to work full time during holidays and 20 hours per week during term time.

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Many Nursing degrees in the UK lasts for 4 years and students will be required to cover a wide variety of different aspects of Nursing, throughout that period. There will be compulsory courses in life sciences as well as placements in various medical centers and communities to help the students gain experience.

Careers in Nursing

There are four distinct areas in nursing—mental health, learning disability, child, and adult—and nursing graduates will be required to focus on one of those four areas to better shape their future careers.

When it comes to the nursing field, it’s important to note that no two days are the same for a fully qualified nurse and that choosing a particular area to focus on at the beginning of your study doesn’t entirely mean that you’ll be permanently placed in that environment throughout your working career.

What about the pay? As a nurse working in the UK, you are expected to earn an average of £21,909 as a starting professional salary and an average of £16,380 as a starting non-professional salary.

Complete List of Schools that offer Pre-registration Nursing programs in the UK

•          Bangor University

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•          University of Bedfordshire

•          University of Birmingham

•          Bournemouth University

•          Buckingham City University

•          Buckinghamshire New University

•          Canterbury Christ Church University

•          University of Central Lancashire

•          University of Chester

•          City University of London

•          Coventry University

•          University of Cumbria

•          University of Derby

•          University of Dundee

•          University of East Anglia

•          Edinburgh Napier University

•          Edge Hill University

•          University of Glasgow

•          University of Greenwich

•          University of Hertfordshire

•          University of Huddersfield

•          Keele University

•          King’s College London

•          Kingston University

•          University of Lincoln

•          Liverpool John Moores University

•          University of London

•          London South Bank University

•          Manchester Metropolitan University

•          University of Manchester

•          Northumbria University Newcastle

•          University of Nottingham

•          University of Plymouth 

•          Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

•          University of Salford Manchester

•          University of Sheffield

•          Sheffield Hallam University

•          University of Southampton

•          University of Sunderland

•          Swansea University

•          Teesside University

•          University of West London

•          University of the West of Scotland

•          University of Wolverhampton

•          University of York